Foolish stupid pride,
You always seem to get in the way,
You always seem to have the last word,
You always seem to make yourself first priority,
Without even considering how I might feel,
Without even considering how much I will hurt,
Without even considering how much tears I will cry,
Just because you had to get your way again,
You had to pop up when you were not needed,
You had to show yourself off,
You had to let my words come out hurtful,
Instead of the caring words I wanted to speak,
You had to let my emotions control me,
Instead of keeping a rein on them,
You had to stand in my way,
As you do time and time again,
Foolish stupid pride,
Why do you feel like you have everything right?
Why do you have to be in the way?
Why do you want the last word?
Why do you hurt those that I care about?
I wish that you would disappear,
Through those moments of painful misery,
Through those moments of painful desperate heartbreak,
You torment me like nothing else,
Laughing at me through your slyness,
Mocking me through your feelings,
Cutting me through your actions,
Foolish stupid pride,
You always seem to get in the way,
You believe you are always right,
And that you could never be wrong,
You put hardship through every relationship,
And you enjoy the works that you spin,
You constantly fight against me,
And those true actions I want to show,
You think you have it all,
And that I cannot stop you,
Because if I let my guard down you are there,
If I don’t think about you, you are right there,
You are there every step of the way,
But I have something you need to know,
Foolish stupid pride,
Your time is short,
Your works are only going to last a little while,
You believe you have won,
You may win the fight,
But my true actions will win the war,
So foolish stupid pride,
Take the moments that you can,
But someday in the future,
You will no longer exist,
Breaking havoc on all my life.
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