Lost Within You

The depth of your voice,
The moment you spoke,
The moment I felt the connection,
I was lost within you,
You captured my heart,
Without needing to do much,
And I was putty in your hands,
I felt the embrace,
Felt the words,
Dreamt every breath you took,
Feeling you as if you were near,
The moment came and I was yours,
Speaking to you,
Talking to you,
Just being there with you,
Was as natural as breathing,
As natural as if made to be,
As if this was fated,
And as if I found my destiny,
You strolled into my life,
So simple yet true,
And then you spoke to the depth of me,
To the romance of my life,
To the dreams of my soul,
To the depth of my heart,
And I knew I couldn’t let you go,
I was lost within you,
Carried through all my emotions,
Holding out my heart in my hands,
Looking into your eyes,
Feeling so connected and secure,
Feeling a depth of love,
Feeling a depth of dreams,
Feeling a depth of hope,
As we talked together,
A simple reach out,
Turned into a dream coming true,
And now I am lost within you,
I want to hold you close and tight,
Give you the very depth of me,
Give you happiness and dreams,
A coming of home into your life,
All it took was but a moment,
All it took was just a conversation,
And I fell so deep and hard,
Letting it wash all over me,
Letting the feeling be complete,
As my heart skipped a beat,
As my heart soared above the clouds,
And landing into your life,
You stole my heart,
The moment you spoke those words,
Those words of such depth and truth,
And giving me a happiness complete,
And now I am lost within you,
Lost within every part of you,
Lost within the depth of your life,
And wanting to be yours,
Yours to the end of our days.
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