I Thought You Were The One

I thought you were the one,
Thought you were someone different,
Thought you were something different,
You brought me out of the darkness I fell into,
When everything didn’t seem bright anymore,
When nothing no longer seemed to make sense,
But it was all a lie,
I was ready to jump because I loved you,
I was ready to do crazy things because I wanted you,
I was ready because you seemed to understand me,
Better than anyone had before,
But it was just an illusion,
A dream,
A fantasy,
You brought so much to me,
Or at least I thought you did,
And suddenly you took it away,
Told my best friend all these things,
Realizing that I was caught in a lie,
You talked about integrity,
But do you honestly know what that even means?
I have my faults and I have made mistakes,
But I never once was untruthful with how I felt,
How I felt about you,
I thought you were the one,
Thought you were someone different,
Thought you were the one that I could spend forever with,
But it was all a lie,
It was all a ruse,
Maybe some game you decided to play,
Or just telling me things you thought I wanted to hear,
I thought I was special to you,
Was always there when no one else seemed to be,
But it seemed I wasn’t what I thought I was to you,
Nothing makes sense anymore,
Why would you have done certain things?
Why would you have done certain moves?
Unless you felt a certain why?
But, now you have said that you did not,
Telling my best friend all these words,
That cut me to the depth of my heart and soul,
I thought you were the one,
I thought you were different than everyone else,
Found a happiness I never thought could be possible,
Especially in the way that we met,
But I see now that it was all a story for you,
Maybe I filled some need for you,
Maybe you just wanted the attention,
I will never know,
I don’t think I could ever speak to you,
Much less be friends with you,
After finding how much you played with my heart,
Was any words you spoke ever true?
Was any plans we made ever was going to be reality?
Maybe I will never know,
You turned into someone I didn’t know,
But maybe all I knew was the lie,
I thought you were the one,
But it seemed I was wrong,
I believed in the wrong person,
The wrong situation,
But I will be strong still,
Because I still believe,
Believe in something you cannot see or touch,
In love strong, deep, and true,
Where I don’t have to be something I am not,
Where someone will appreciate words written,
And the emotions that I put forth,
The only one that loses is you,
As I leave you behind.
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