Tazo Chai Tea Review

Do you enjoy quality ingredients in your tea?  Do you enjoy true flavor?  Have you tried other teas and thought something was missing?  Well look no farther because Tazo tea has the answer for you in their wonderful tea lines. They have a wonderful chai tea line that has multiple different flavors I was able to sample one of them thanks to Smiley 360 and they have so many others you can try that is made by the same company that takes the time to put great quality ingredients and true flavor in your tea. 

Even if you have had old standbys in your past and have sworn you would never like any other type of tea before I urge you to give Tazo Chai tea a chance.  I tried the Vanilla Carmel and was sold on the Vanilla and Carmel flavors in this tea from the very first sip.  Long before this I had always been a solid Oolong tea drinker and  now with the Tazo Chai tea with the Vanilla Carmel that has changed. Vanilla Carmel is my new favorite with the melody of these flavors and the way the ingredients tasted it is better than any oolong tea I ever had in my life.  My mom had always been an Orange Spice person from Lipton I always felt the flavor was too bland. Tazo does not have this problem.

Tazo teas seem to really make the flavor pop in every sip that you have not just the first one.  Even as you get to the bottom of your cup each sip still has just as much flavor as the first one.  Tazo has taken the time to put simple yet great ingredients and lists them on the box so you know exactly what you are drinking.  Go try Tazo Chai tea or even just their regular line of teas for yourself you will not regret it and check out Smiley360 maybe you will get to try them for free like I did.  http://h5.sml360.com/-/1fcjv
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