Never Stop Loving You

I watch the butterfly fly pass me,
I fight a tear that wants to be shed,
I don’t want to cry again tonight,
I want you to come to me,
I want you to bring me a smile,
I want you to tell me,
That you can change this,
That you and I can start again,
That you and I will be one,
When have we ever been ones to listen to others?
When have we let the city or country change us?
We need to bring alive these ashes,
The ashes of our hearts torn apart,
Torn apart from not being together,
I listen to the stream,
I listen to the woods,
I listen to the sky,
I listen to the rain,
Every part of the world tells me,
Every part of me shouts to me,
Every ounce of me wants you back,
I don’t know how to shallow my pride fully,
I don’t know how to even start to try,
I don’t know how to show you,
I don’t know how,
I don’t know how to bring you back,
There have been so many lonely nights,
And event though I’ve been with others,
No one has ever come close,
No one has ever come close to you,
You were everything,
You were my world,
And I let you slip away,
Maybe if I fought a little harder,
If I argued with you a little less,
If I just would have given a moment,
A moment to this love,
It could have changed us,
You could be with me,
And we could be together,
And we could be one,
But I don’t even know,
I don’t where you lay your head,
I don’t know if you have someone now,
I don’t know if you ever think of me,
I don’t know if you even still care,
But you hunt my dreams,
Just every time I think I am over you,
Just every time I think my life is going great,
Just every time I think that I have moved on,
You breathe through my mind,
You breathe through my soul,
You breathe through,
Never fully letting up,
Never fully letting go,
Never seeming to know,
Never seeming to see what you do to me,
Why can’t I see you?
I can feel you still in my heart,
I can still taste you in my mind,
Although you’ve been gone so long,
I watch the butterfly fly by me,
And I just want to cry,
I want to let it all go,
Fall back into that moment,
Just think about you,
Would it be so bad?
To let me fall into thoughts of you again?
To let me fall into thoughts of us again?
To let me fall?
To let me fall deep into that moment?
I always think you are gone,
But just one thought,
Just one slight memory,
Just one slight dream of us again,
And it all floods back,
Floods back to you and me,
And I wonder why I still dream,
Dream of us,
When you have been gone so long,
Why do I still imagine us together?
Why do I still yearn for you?
Tell me why?
Why is it that I can never,
Never stop loving you?
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