Good Evening Everyone

Okay well still evening for me at least. Things today started a bit slow was a bit bleh and just didn't have any energy I didn't sleep very well woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. But things did improve. Thanks to all your energies my mom was able to get a car. We have to come up with a down payment we did some today but will need to come up more but the good news is she won't have to make her first car payment until August 19th. I will probably take pictures of it while doing other pictures in order to try to help the money portion of the down payment we will be selling some things on craigslist which means I get to be photographer.

Other than that I will be spending some very well wanted and needed time with Alex since our Thursday got cut short and had to leave for his plans a bit earlier than expected. He was going to come here today but he didn't even get home until 6pm due to his roommate's car battery dying and all the fun of that and than of course he was exhausted from everything but he was very happy to talk to me I could tell I was too I had missed him a lot. I truly do have something wonderful with him and I am very happy.

I will also be helping him get to the Towing company on Monday and he asked me to come to his appointment on Tuesday. So at the very least my early week seems to be busy which I don't mind. Also on Monday morning I have an online/phone interview for another at home job through the nti central for the IRS. It is only a short term but could lead into more through them depending on things and would be an actual hourly rate. Please send me your good vibes for this as it would be good for me to get that money and maybe start saving for some things I been needing and wanting for awhile. Hopefully I will get information on the competition for p2w as well and can get making some good money.

I still got to start doing some researching on the publishing I haven't had the chance or energy with not getting much sleep lately. If anyone is willing to help me with a website I would appreciate it. I am good at a lot of things but websites are not one of them
!!! So, that is the main stuff going on with me I plan on doing some more writing probably tonight as it looks like I won't see Alex untl tomorrow but that is okay. I hope you all are having a great weekend :)
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