My First Kiss

When I was only 15 I had my first kiss,
It was by my first boyfriend,
And it wasn’t something I remember well,
But the spark I felt by you blew that out of the water,
The first time I kissed you,
I felt like I was coming home,
I felt like I had found heaven,
I felt like that this was the bliss,
The one I read about,
The one I dreamt about,
The one I had wished for,
Wished for so long,
When I was 23 I had my first wife kiss,
When the minister had prounced,
My ex husband and I man and wife,
But that spark had faded and was changed,
The end came when he asked for the divorce,
But you have changed my emotions,
I was bitter and sad,
I wasn’t sure if happiness was meant for me,
But than you came along,
And the first time you kissed me I knew,
That hope was still out there,
That love was still something to believe in,
That perhaps a soul mate still did exist for me,
When I was only 15 I had my first kiss,
But you brought forth so much by our first kiss,
You changed my life,
You gave me hope again,
You took all the pieces,
Of my very shattered heart,
And put them together again,
Making me whole,
More than I have been in a long time,
The very first time you kissed me,
I knew it,
I knew from that moment,
That this was meant to be,
That this love is meant to be,
That no matter what life will throw us,
That no matter what people might say,
That no matter what people might do,
We will get through it all,
Because don’t you see my darling,
From the first time you kissed me,
That first kiss,
I melted into your arms,
I was yours,
I am yours,
Forever I will be,
By your side,
I will never leave you,
I won’t stray,
I am staying here,
So don’t ever worry darling,
Although we both been through heart ache,
That all changed,
The first time you kissed me.
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