Meant To Be

We might be a young couple in many terms,
But I knew from the first instant,
That there was a deep attraction,
From the first moment I looked into your eyes,
And than the first time I gave you a kiss,
I knew I was mesmerized,
Every moment with you is enchanting,
Every touch you give me,
My desire burns,
The passion that has been trapped so long,
Comes to the surface,
I feel it raging in my soul,
I feel it stirring in my heart,
I feel it burning like nothing else I have felt,
Every time you touch me,
I feel it come forth again,
We might be still new in this relationship,
But every time I am with you I feel it,
I feel total fulfillment of passion,
Of love,
Of dreams,
Of flesh against flesh,
Every time you look into my eyes,
I feel myself melting again,
Your mesmerizing touch,
Your voice that calls my name,
Calls my soul,
Calls this heart,
You bring forth emotions,
You bring forth passion I never imagined before,
You have given me everything,
I knew from the first moment,
I never had any doubts,
That you were meant for me,
And I am meant for you,
Because of how you make me feel,
You make me feel like no other,
You brought out all the passion,
That was hidden so deep within,
It was bound by chains,
It was bound by things that held me back,
But now that I am with you,
I don’t hold anything back,
Because this is meant to be,
This love,
This passion,
This feeling,
This emotion,
This being,
Of us.
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