My Love Forever

No matter the hurt and pain,
No matter the broken pieces
Of this fallen heart,
You still stand there,
You know how to still
Make me smile,
Your laughter lights up my heart,
When everything else is gone,
No matter how much it hurts to breathe,
I find a way somehow
Because just one look in your eyes,
Just one look at your face,
Just one thought,
And the broken pieces don’t seem to hurt,
Don’t seem to hurt as much,
Looking back over the years,
Looking back over the words written,
Just wishing for one more,
Just wanting one more,
Just wanting this dream,
Maybe I am crazy,
But I honestly don’t care anymore,
Maybe they are right,
Maybe I am wrong,
But this is what I know for sure,
I know that despite everything,
Despite the hurt and pain,
My heart still loves you,
The love has never faded,
The love has only gorwn,
No matter what I do,
I have tried everything
To give you up,
I distanced myself
Causing only more pain,
I tried moving on
Only to find broken promises,
Broken dreams,
And false hopes,
I tried just having 
Best friend only feelings,
But in the end my heart
Cannot give you up,
No matter the pain and heartache,
No matter the sadness and sorrow,
You find a way,
The way I see your eyes,
The way you smile,
I melt all over again just like before,
I feel 16 again,
I feel like I am falling all over again,
I feel my heart beat for you,
I love you my darling,
I love you with all my soul,
And when I told you that no one
Could ever replace you in my life,
It is true,
You are everything I have wanted,
You know me like no other,
You know every part,
You’ve seen me through,
Do you know what I would do?
If I could just have one more,
One more chance to show you,
One more moment,
One more kiss,
One more,
Everytime I am with you I feel it,
I feel the completeness,
I feel the love,
I cannot hide it anymore,
I must let it out,
I cannot give it up,
I cannot give you up,
I cannot no matter what I try,
I will always love you,
I will always care,
You are my lifetime,
You are my forever dreams,
You are my soul mate,
Both friendship and more,
I will always be there for you,
I will always be there no matter what,
No matter what you go through,
No matter the hurt you might go through,
No matter anything in your life,
I will always be here,
Because you mean everything to me,
You mean the lifetime of these dreams,
You have kept me going no matter what,
You have kept me going through it all,
You give me a reason to keep believing,
You give me a reason to keep going,
I will always love you darling,
Even though I cannot change you,
Even though I might never be yours as your wife,
I will always be there,
Because you my darling are my soul,
You are my dreams,
You are my faith in love,
You are my love forever,
So no matter the hurt and pain,
No matter the life we go through,
No matter the rain,
I will stand there beside you,
I will stand there by you,
Because you are everything my darling,
I cannot hide anymore these emotions,
I cannot hide anymore these feelings,
Just know you are my everything,
You are my love forever,
No matter what we go through in this life.
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