Keep On Growing

Many changes have come through my life,
Through the days of coldness and warmth,
Through hardships and strength,
I have kept on growing,
Kept on changing through every moment,
Some changes were not always the best,
Some decisions were not always great,
Some moments were not always that wonderful,
But there have been happy times as well,
There have been changes that were good
Or changes that made a positive impact even if
Things didn’t seem like it would be at that time,
Although my faith might have waivered on many things,
I stand here today stronger than ever,
Feeling strong within my faith of God,
Of love,
Of hope of the future,
Of a better tomorrow,
Of personal growth,
Of spiritual growth,
Things might change again and again,
Trials and tests might be thrown in my way,
But I will keep going,
I will keep growing,
I will stand firm,
On this foundation that has now been built,
I am ready,
I am willing,
To keep on going,
To keep on believing,
To keep growing in the grace of God.


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