And Suddenly There Was You

And suddenly there was you,
There was a light to the darkness,
Dreams from the hopes,
Love from the hope that held together,
Life that is built strong,
Faith that is coming every day,
And suddenly there was love,
Love deeper than I have ever known,
Love truer than anything before,
Love stronger to last through everything,
Love that builds more every single day,
And suddenly there was faith again,
Faith in love,
Faith in deep hope,
Faith in dreams untold,
Faith in beauty of two people together,
And suddenly there was you,
A dream I have always wanted,
A dream I had always wished for,
A dream I had always prayed for,
A dream that came true when you entered into my life,
And suddenly there was true light,
Light that flowed through my world,
Making it brighter,
Creating smiles,
Creating dreams,
Creating love,
Creating hope,
Light that glows through everything,
You are my love,
My light,
My dreams,
My everything,
And when you came into my life,
And when your smile came,
I knew that suddenly,
That now,
You and I,
Are meant to be,
Are one forever,
Are soul mates,
All thanks to one day,
When suddenly
Became a future of dreams.
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