Where Can You Turn To

Where can you turn to these days?
When information is all over the place?
When there is an overload of this and that,
When everything can be found online,
But at what cost?
There is so much going around
There is so much information,
There are good things that is for sure,
There are moments in our lives we need support,
And find it through great communities online,
But there is the negative as well,
There is pain and strife that is found,
People who get stalked,
People who get hurt,
People who don’t know any better,
So where can you turn to these days?
Where can you find solace?
Where can you find peace?
Everywhere you turn,
Everywhere you go,
Everything around you,
Is filled with information,
Filled with good and bad,
Filled with this and that,
There are moments I know,
Moments I see,
Moments I can feel,
That this information overload,
This information that flows,
This information that is around,
But just know there are places to turn to,
Even in this information overload world,
Places that can still give you hope,
Places that can still fuel your dreams,
Places that can still keep you safe,
Through the craziness that is our lives,
And these places are within us,
And through us,
And through those that care about us,
And through the wonder of love,
Love of your family,
Love of your friends,
Love of God,
And that my friends,
Is the best place to turn to,
In this information overload world.
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