Traitor's Kiss

With just one kiss His fate was sealed,
He was to die on the cross,
He was to die for our sins,
He was to die for the love of many,
All it took was just one moment,
Just one kiss,
Just one person to betray Him,
Just one offer of money,
Just one offer of things not so important,
Many did not want to believe,
Many wanted him crucified,
Many didn’t want to open their hearts,
Many didn’t want to hear the truth,
So they thought,
So they conspired,
And then they got someone,
Someone who was suppose to be close,
So close to Him,
To just show them,
To show them Him,
To betray Him,
To give Him up to them,
But He knew it was coming,
He knew it was His Father’s Will,
He accepted it because,
He loved us,
He loved those that are meek,
Those who love,
Those that have true wisdom,
Those that sought to seek Him,
He went to Calvary,
He went with joy and love,
He went to give us salvation,
He went to give us eternal life,
So with the traitor’s kiss it was sealed,
Sealed for Him to die,
Although He never did anything wrong,
He was perfect,
He was free of sin,
Unlike the rest of us,
But we have this to rest on,
This to know,
This to believe,
This to keep hold onto,
That although he received that kiss,
That traitor’s kiss,
That we were saved,
By a simple act,
Of Him laying down his life,
That day on Calvary.
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