Agree With Me

If you say you love me,
I know I would agree with you,
If you say you wanted me,
I know that I would say it too,
If you say you needed me,
I would tell you how much I need you,
If you say you wanted to be with me forever,
I would listen to those words you sing,
Listen to those words,
Have them touch my heart,
Touch my soul,
Melt the ice,
And agree to be yours forever,
If you say all you wish for,
All you dream of,
All you need,
Is to be with me,
To hold me close,
To hold me in your arms,
To hold me forever,
To kiss me with passion,
To kiss me with every bit of love,
Every bit of joy,
If you agree,
If you say those words,
Speak them straight,
Speak them from your heart,
Tell me those words,
Tell me those emotions,
Tell me every bit,
From the very depths of your soul,
I would agree,
Agree to love you,
Agree to cherish you,
Agree to hold you,
Agree to want to be with you,
Because I do love you,
I do cherish you,
I want to hold you every day,
Be with you every moment,
Be with you as much as I can,
Because this emotion,
This feeling,
It grows,
And it grows strong,
All I need is a few words,
All I need is for you to say,
That you love me,
That you need me,
That I am yours,
And I would agree,
Because my heart already belongs,
Belongs to you,
Because I love you.
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