Give Me Permission To Love You

Can I love you?
Can you care?
Can you give me this permission?
Can you give me this hope?
Can you give me this love?
Can you give me blue skies?
Can you give me everything?
Can I have your heart?
Can I have the key?
Can you give me that?
Don’t fight this feeling,
Don’t fight this,
Don’t push away,
Give me the permission,
Give me this simple thing,
Give me you,
I just want to be with you,
I just want to hold you close,
Give me this permission,
Don’t shut me out,
Don’t push me away,
Just hold me,
Just kiss me,
Just be with me,
We’ve been together now,
For quite some time,
Time to move on to the next stage,
Time to make that promise,
Give me that permission,
Give me forever,
So can you do that for me?
Can you give me your heart?
Give me that key?
Let down your guard,
Let down the walls,
Let me in,
Let me love you,
Be with you,
Hold you close,
I need this now,
I cannot keep waiting,
I have been patient,
I have been biding my time,
But darkness is around,
Darkness is around me,
And I want light again,
I want to feel the sun again,
I want to feel the warmth,
The joy,
The happiness,
The peace,
Everything in love,
I need that my darling,
So it’s now or never,
Give it to me,
Or as much as it hurts,
I will have to walk away.
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