What Has Really Happened

What has really happened?
What has been here?
What has gone on?
What am I doing sitting here?
How did this happen?
How did I get to this point?
How did I not realize?
Know before?
What has really happened?
How did I come to this?
How did the feelings I felt,
Turn and come to this?
I was so happy,
So obvious,
And now I am here,
I am at this place,
What really happened?
How could this be?
How could I have lost so much?
And not even see?
This should be a wonderful time,
This time of the year,
A time to believe again,
To hope again,
And yet I am standing here,
Standing here,
That you would see,
See what is going inside of me,
Stop not taking the opportunity,
Stop not telling me what I need,
Tell me the words,
The emotions,
The needs,
The wants,
I need to hear,
What has really happened?
What has gone on here?
I love you my darling,
This much is true,
But I need something in return,
I need something now,
I cannot handle this anymore,
I cannot handle feeling alone,
I cannot handle feeling I am the only one,
Here in this relationship,
Here holding on,
I need to know,
What has really happened,
I need to know what is next,
I need to know if we are going to be,
Or if I am going to take my last bit,
My last bit of strength,
Make that hard decision,
And walk away.
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