Life As An Asthmatic Part 8

Asthma without insurance frustrating to no end but asthma with insurance can be just as bad. Although I finally received insurance thanks to the state of Oregon getting Oregon Health Plan Standard and being able to finally see doctors although receiving more answers than I had in the past on things going on I still feel frustrated as I did a few months ago. I still have to deal with explaining to a certain degree why I am not working or a thousand of other questions that run through. I am not fully complaining really but it can still be frustrating but it is why I created this blog to begin with I wanted to put some light on asthma and the life of an asthmatic or at least mine.

Lately even right before I got my insurance I knew my asthma was going more downhill, I didn't need doctors to tell me that I felt it. I tried to keep positive and prayed as much as I could between that time and was grateful when the OHP went through I remember the last few days and counting down to that point in time. Since that date I have been on more doctor's appointments and doctor related things than I ever had in the past eleven years of my life of having asthma. The first appointment I had was on October 21st where I would see the person I saw about a year before which started the whole roll of appointments and other things. Dr. Prakash would end up being my primary doctor but would not be handling my asthma related issues after awhile.

He put me on Qvar to try for about a month to see how that would work for me and got me more albuterol. Qvar is one of many different controller medications that one can be put on if they do have asthma. He gave me information to set up for a gynecologist, some blood work to have done, and they would than set up for my first lung function test. On October 28th I would have my lung function test and do the first of two blood related tests I have done by this point. During this time I would also work on things related to doing my Master's in Business Management online through Argosy.

On November 4th I would have my follow up with Dr. Prakash who would tell me a few different things: One, that my lung function test the results were pretty normal but due to me not believing that I don't have asthma and the fact that I did still have a few good days said I needed more hence after that he gave me the referral to who would be my lung specialist doctor. He also would have to put me on some new medication and I would have to start changing parts of my life due to having Hypothyroidism and High Cholesterol he would put me on medication for the one, told me to change my diet and do some exercise, and suggest to take fish oil and also did a physical. After that I would go to my sleep study he wanted me to do to see if I might have sleep apnea and if that was affecting my asthma.

After a restless night sleep there at the sleep study I found I was right about not having sleep apnea although she did tell me there was some twitching of my legs while I was sleep. November 8th I would get my feet checked out getting new insoles and than getting newer shoes that would work better as the soles in my old ones were completely gone. November 9th I would meet my lung specialist for the first time who listened to me and promised that although I might have to do more things that hopefully by the end I would have more answers. I would go through another blood testing this time for allergies and have three more appointments made for different things one for a CT scan of my lungs, one for a methocline test which is a challenge related test, and one to see an ENT doctor to see if it was possible to have a vocal cord dysfunction.

November 15th I would have my CT scan which went quickly, on the 22nd I would have my methocline test which was similar to my lung function but was given something that could cause possible asthma symptoms to see if I did indeed have asthma. On the 24th I would have my unemployment hearing on the more recent employment issue after working 3 days before getting sick and being let go from calling in sick one day. After the Methocline test the nurse who did it told me that I did in fact tested positive for having asthma having another validation was nice even though I knew it but now I knew I could say it with certainty again. On December 2nd I would see Dr. Hanh again which I would be put on some new medication for my asthma, was told that my ct scan was good that I didn't have at least anything lung related that was causing the asthma issues, what I knew already on the methocline, and that I did have allergies but nothing came up on the blood test they had done so I was given a referral for an allergy specialist.

December 3rd I would have a follow up with my primary doctor updating him on everything that was going on and was given another add for a test to do for when I had to retest my blood for my thyroid and cholesterol in January and that next time unless things with my legs got worse would see me after that at some portion. Currently at this point I am waiting for my lung doctor to type of my chart notes so I can get an appointment with the allergist, my ENT to see about the vocal is not until the 16th of December, and I will be going to his office to get a few samples for some nasal stuff as that is not covered by the OHP.

Needless to say since I received my OHP I have been busy with doctor appointments, stuff for my schooling, and writing in other ways. I would like to point out that it is very important that if you feel that you are dealing with something to make sure you get a doctor to listen. Do not just take what they say all the time fight for what you believe in I am glad I did because now I have a good lung doctor willing to listen on what might be going on with my asthma. I still feel like I have quite the road to go on and I am still having issues it seems but it is good to have all this going on and having doctors that will listen about certain things. Also, remember that having a great support system if you are dealing with asthma or any other chronic disease is a must. Remember, even through the frustrations that it is worth it even if you are explaining things time and time again shine that light, keep strong, and until next time take care of yourself.
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