Yahoo Group Tutorial Part 4 How Do I Do That

Now that you have created your group, customized it, and maybe poked through the features a bit now you are going to wonder exactly how to do certain things. One of the many issues I have come across from those newer to groups is if they set their members to be moderated when they join the group how to change that. This is actually a lot easier than most people would think. First, you go to the members portion go to the person you need to change and click edit membership once there you are able to actually not only where you can change the posting message settings but other things as well.

Here you can also change members to moderators and owners of the group. This is good for those that want to have more people to help them with either certain sections of the group or the group itself. Below this is where it has a posting messages and next to it will be an edit button that you can click to change their posting privileges, this is also good to use if you have a suspicion that someone got hacked, therefore they are not able to just post spam related posts on the groups. Once you are done click on save changes like you did in the past.

Another great thing while here on the members if you need to you can click on the upper right where it says ban if you ever need to ban a person due to spamming or other purposes. It is straightforward just like the invite section of the group not to mention on the upper right corner you can also click on invite as well. You can also go to the upper right section to remove members however if you need to remove members you can also use the check marks next to members names on the groups and click on save changes.

In the members section of the features another thing to be aware of is the tabs that show members, moderators, bouncing, pending and banned. Although you can see some of these through other means one I would make note of the bouncing portion as you will want to have either a combination of your moderators or yourself check this to see if any of your members bounce at any time. What this means is that usually there inboxes got too full and now they are bouncing in the group you can help reset them through this. There are times that people end up not having a good email and be bouncing that way this is why there are two terms of bouncing soft bouncing and hard bouncing.

Soft bouncing is usually an email related thing that there inbox is too full and they need to clean it out in order to receive messages again. Hard bouncing usually only happens when someone’s email address goes bad such as they close the account but forgot to change their settings on their yahoo groups to the newer email address they set up for the groups. See the information about changing your email address on yahoo groups I created for an easy step by step guide on how to change that.

The main other thing questions I get are about group activity and promoting the group. In terms of group activity I suggest to do a few things to help promote activity if you feel the group is in a slump. One easy thing to do is create a poll asking members what they would like to see in the group from some ideas that could have been posted through a message you sent to the group. Another thing I have found helps with group activity is what I call daily activities, this is where you create different things for members to do every day of the week giving people something to reply to and help encourage conversation.

As for the promoting of the group there are several avenues you can use. One, you can use any other groups you are in especially if they allow advertising of groups on an occasion this is very useful to get across other people that aren’t in your groups. Second, make up a contest or something related for members to do in order to bring in new members to the group. Third, you can use social networking to advertise your group many social network sites have places that you can post about your groups in terms of notes or blog related posts, this is a great way to reach out to hundreds of people in a few clicks. Fourth, stick with it if you need promoting of your group especially in the earlier stages just stick with it and find and try different ways as your group gets going and remember that even on a popular group it is still important to promote it in a positive light. Last section is going to deal with some sage advice when it comes to yahoo groups and conclusion of this tutorial.
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