I Want To Walk Through

I want to walk through,
Through that green grass,
Look above at the blue skies,
Hold you close,
As the fresh air surrounds us,
I want to feel the feeling,
The feeling that lovers do,
As they walk through life,
As they walk through emotions together,
As they walk through everything,
Everything in between,
I want to walk through,
Walk through that moment,
Walk through with happiness,
With love,
With grace,
With love on my face,
Without the mask,
Without the pain,
Without the hurt,
That lies within,
Save me now,
Save me here,
Just utter the words,
Make them crystal clear,
Make them so I feel them,
From the very depth of my soul,
Hold me,
Walk with me,
Through all these things,
No more holding back,
No more thinking about it,
No more wondering about it,
Just doing,
Just feeling,
Just being,
So walk with me my darling,
Walk with me together,
Hold me tight,
Don’t let go,
Let us be,
No more questions,
No more ifs,
No more buts,
Just hold me,
Just be with me,
As we walk,
As we move,
Through this world.
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