There You Go Making My Heart Beat

There you go making my heart beat again,
There you go playing that song,
There you go making me fall in love,
Falling deeper than I ever have,
Falling harder than I have ever seen,
Falling more and more,
Through those words you sing,
As you speak to my heart,
As you speak to my mind,
As you speak to my soul,
As you speak deeply,
As my mind listens,
Listens to those words,
Those words I have longed to hear,
Longed to hear so long,
So long since everything,
Since everything in my life,
I have been searching for,
Searching for someone,
Someone who would love me,
Love me and care for me,
Care for me and believe in me,
Believe in me and adore me,
Adore me and support me,
Support me through everything,
There you go making my heart beat again,
Beat through that song,
Beat through when all I thought was lost,
I never expected,
I never thought,
I never believed I could find,
I could find someone,
Someone like you,
Someone that could break through,
The hardest defenses,
Through the hurt,
The pain,
The strife,
The heartaches,
The breaks,
But then you came,
And you made my heart beat,
Beat louder,
Louder than ever before,
Stronger than ever before,
Made me feel safe,
Made me feel whole,
Made me feel at home,
Home like never before,
There you go making my heart beat,
Beat to the tune of yours,
And now my heart will join,
Join yours in harmony,
In joy,
In friendship,
In love,
In devotion,
Join you forever,
Join you my darling,
Because you make my heart beat,
Beat in tune with yours,
Beat in harmony,
Beat because of this joy,
This love,
This feeling,
This emotion,
This commitment forever more,
Beat because you,
You are my only one,
My only one I want to be with,
I want to be with always.
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