Night and day,
Sadness and happiness,
Joy and pain,
Laughter and sorrow,
Rain and sunshine,
Love and hate,
War and peace,
Opposites around us,
Opposites where ever we turn,
We go one way,
We get pulled another,
Walk this way,
Walk that way,
Told one thing,
But want another,
We get told to act one way,
But want to do another,
These opposites are around us,
These opposites are part of us,
We have to deal with the changes,
The changes in our life always,
We have to walk,
Walk in the middle sometimes,
Sometimes we take a stand,
Take a stand on one thing or another,
Life is never easy,
We all go through our struggles,
We all go through our strife’s,
We all have to make decisions,
To go with this,
Or to go with that,
We have to decide,
Will we stand on morals?
Or will we follow things around us?
Will we try with our might
To keep on?
To keep being strong?
Do we even have something to believe in?
Male and female,
Son and daughter,
Mother and father,
Grandfather and grandmother,
Things can work together,
Things can fall apart,
How do we handle,
What life gives us?
Can we have the strength?
To believe in our true conviction,
Or will we let the opposites,
Define us,
To be us,
To tell us?
What we should be,
Who we should be,
Or are we going to show,
That our convictions,
Our faith,
Our beliefs,
Are strong,
Because we know,
We believe,
In something bigger than us,
Believe in something more wondrous,
More beautiful,
Than we could ever imagine?
Will we take the opposites around us,
And hold on strong,
To our faith,
In Him?
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