Candlelight Makes

Candlelight makes everything extra beautiful,
Makes every moment extra special,
Makes any meal a four star hotel course,
Makes looking into your eyes even more special,
Makes this time with you,
These moments,
This place,
More wonderful than any other place,
In this world,
Because this moment,
This light,
This time,
Is better than any material thing,
In this world,
Is better than any other type of beauty,
Around me,
Is better than being to the farthest corner of the world,
No Eiffel Tower,
No Liberty Statue,
No Walls of China,
No Grand Canyon,
Can ever compare to this moment,
With you by my side,
Candlelight makes the light dance,
Across your face,
In a way to see your smile,
And your eyes light up,
Just being in presence with me,
Being in this oneness,
Being with you,
There is a feeling deep,
Within the farthest depth of my heart,
My soul,
My mind,
My all,
Where you reside,
Where you have residence,
Where you are a part of,
Where you belong,
I cannot explain the truth to the mystery,
Of the truth of you and I,
Of how we just belong,
To each other,
And that there is no one else for us,
That no matter what our past,
No matter what has happened,
God has bought us together,
We exchanged the vows,
We exchanged our hearts,
Believing in the depth,
Of understanding only those,
That truly belong can understand,
Candlelight makes everything,
Seem brighter,
As the light shines,
As we embrace,
As our love shines,
In our faces,
So, hold me my darling,
Hold me my love,
Let the candle go out,
We do not need to see,
As we have each other memorized,
In our mind,
Let’s hold on,
Cleave together,
Bond where none can break,
As the candlelight fades,
And our love shines,
Our way in this world.
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