Cloudy Days

Cloudy days,
Rainy days,
Darkness comes into view,
Weather changes,
Seasons change,
Life goes on in its circle,
Emotions come into your heart,
As you stare to the sky,
Cloudy days,
Whiteness comes into view,
What will these clouds bring?
Will it bring needed rain?
Will it bring sorrow?
Will it bring gladness?
Will it bring pain?
Will it be something people been praying for?
Or something people wish there was no more?
Crops grow,
Trees become green,
Flowers bloom,
Sun fades,
Clouds fade,
The day turns,
From every darkness is light,
From every light is belief,
From every belief is a dream,
From every dream is hope,
From every hope one remembers,
That without the cloudy days,
Without the storms in our lives,
We cannot grow,
We cannot live,
We cannot become,
What we are meant to be,
So look up,
Watch the clouds,
Look inside,
Let your life change.
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