Larger Field

Walking among nature’s path,

I come across a larger field,

A field vast and wide,

With a little blue lake off the distance,

Tall grass,


Big giant green trees,

Clear blue sky,

As the sun touches everything,

Wildlife all around,

Even though most are hidden,

This place I have come to,

These places that nature has lead me to,

I stand there quietly,

Stand there looking out,

Taking in everything,

As I look out to the sky,

To the trees,

To the water,

To the grass,

And everything else around,

I appreciate it at that moment,

Thanking Him for all there is around,

Taking in the beauty,

Stopping for that moment,

And stand in that larger field,

For a moment,

And feel rested,

And renewed,

By standing there,

In that field,

And taking in all He gave,

For us to enjoy,

And to take moments for,

In our lives.

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