Life As A Medical Anomaly Part 2

Before I received the Oregon Health Plan Standard, which has given me access to not only regular doctor visits but gave me the ability to learn more about what was going on with my health and able to take care of it better than I was able to.  Even with insurance my asthma still seemed to decline getting worse in one aspect or another including violent asthma attacks, some that left me very sacred to the point of wondering if it would be the last, and others that I thought I would have to call the ambulance to take me to the ER, but thankfully God has gotten me through it all and put me in a place of constant comfort thanks to my husband.  Those attacks that I have had, even if I don’t have them that often, is one of the things that has worried me about getting a license and driving a car other than having to depend on my husband to take me everywhere on his hours, not that he ever would complain because he cares about taking care of his wife in whatever way he can.  There are sometimes even with the belief in God I still worry about everything from little things to bigger things due to my health issues.  I continue to put these worries to God whenever the come to my mind, but sometimes thoughts are thoughts and play upon your mind every now and then, and even with my education and not being able to work I am constantly trying to find other ways to make some money everything from my writing to paid to clicks and surveys, and slowly working on my small business to help other creative people especially those with health issues so they know they are not alone.

            Asthma for me is not, and I mean is not, just an only think about it when you are dealing with it at least if you have moderate to severe related asthma.  At least in my life, I have seen people think about it beyond just the times they have attacks, especially if they have certain types in order to avoid those triggers that cause the asthma attack.  Sometimes these triggers can feel like a never winning issue depending on what might be your main triggers with your asthma, and in my life some of these harder issues is dealing with constant cigarettes smoke while doing errands, living in a huge apartment complex, and certain family members that I dearly love but smoke.  When handling chronic pain from my hand issues that was brought on by the Motor Skill problem I was born with there is not a day that I don’t deal with some sort of pain, I always try to work through it especially with writing as it is my passion and love, but some days are easier than others, especially if I am dealing with chronic pain from my hands, migraines, and/or asthma issues along with it. 

            With these health issues I work what I can earn through paid to click sites and survey’s in order to help provide a little to the household, it can be useful and has saved my husband and I money at times or be able to get things when we wouldn’t before, it is hard though knowing that work is not possible, even without the pain which would affect my ability to get a job now even more compared to the past, but I keep positive due to my faith in God and learning as much as I can through various articles and books pacing myself to keep writing and give hope to others.  I remember still to this day the moment I first felt my health issues declining and how scared, hopeless, fearful, and many other mixture of emotions when I realized how bad my asthma became and even though I still wrestle with these emotions on an occasional basis, I find hope because of God’s grace and my life that has changed because of Him.  When dealing with the health issues I want people to learn about many different things, not only about my life with having these health issues, but the health issues in general.  I want people to be armed with information, support, encouragement, and know that there are others and that they are not alone.

            Having hope and faith is so important in my life.  Having even a few people understand, support, and be there for me is something I put a huge value to.  If I can help others not feel alone even as they see people leaving them due to health issues, lack of understanding, or other changes in one’s life.  Having medical issues can feel very lonely, scary, and just one small moment of hope you can give to someone even something small as inviting the person to an activity can mean the world to that person.    There are many things I want people to learn about, not only about my life with having these health issues but the various health issues in general.  People need to see what Asthma, Hypothyroidism, Carpel Tunnel, Tendinitis, and mild Scoliosis can look like in their many forms, what can cause these health issues.

            There are people who have heard these words but do not know all there is to know about them or how these different health issues can affect a life so completely.   People can feel alone even when they have loved ones around them if they do not have someone who at least can understand at some level what they are dealing with.  There is so much information that can be found on the overview of what each health issue is, the symptoms of these issues, the various types of certain health issues, what can cause it, treatments for each health concern, the stats on each health issue, and other topics that can be useful to the readers of this blog.  If you know anyone with these health issues or even just a health issue itself, please be kind to these people, there are so many hurtful things that are said to these people by doctors, other people, those that they love, and just even random people that will say things not knowing how much hurt they can cause by their words.  For those with health issues know you are not alone and may these words encourage you, inspire you, comfort you, and fill you with love.  Until next time, may God bless you and you are in my prayers for your health issues.  
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