Family Is More Than

Family is more than just blood,
More than the ties made from marriage,
More than just who you might grow up with,
Mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers,
Sometimes our lives bring forth people,
That become a part of our lives,
They become adopted into our life,
Become a huge part of our daily joys,
The moments of sorrow,
And the happiness that comes for all of us,
They can be the people you develop a connection to,
Ones that seem to understand you,
The ones that seem to believe in you,
That see you as one of their own,
That are protective of you,
That care about you,
And have hopes and dreams of your life,
That are there for you through all the times of your life,
Family is more than just who you are a part of through birth,
There is more than just those that you grow up with,
They can be anyone and everyone you choose,
They are the ones that you choose as your family,
No matter what your family might mean in your life,
You believe in their compassion,
Their love and their dreams,
In the beauty of people,
That you become part of your life,
That know the most intimate part of you,
And that you are not afraid of telling everything of your soul,
The ones that God could give you as well,
When you come to know Him,
Our families can be more than just a few,
Or it could be as small as a few others to add,
To those that care and love you,
Like you are one of their own,
Family is more than just the ties that bind us,
That we are given into,
We can be truly a group of people,
Who are there for each other,
Every moment of their lives,
That worry about each other,
That give themselves to another,
Who hope for one another,
And pray together,
Family is more than just simple binds,
That we are born into,
It is a feeling of home,
It is a feeling of peace,
It is a feeling of joy,
It is the feeling of belonging,
And knowing that you are loved,
With every part of their soul,
And with every part of their life,
Because you mean everything to them,
And they wouldn’t have it any other way.
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