Life Is More Than

Life is more than just simply living,
It is more than just going through each day,
Or going through the emotions,
Or going through the memories,
Or going through the hardships that may come,
Or what goals you might accomplish,
What dreams might come true,
Or what dreams might shatter,
Life is more than just experiences,
Or what we do each day in our lives,
It is about those tough moments,
Those easy moments,
And all those moments in between,
It is about how you treat everyone around you,
And yet still hold on strong and true to your being,
To your faith and dreams,
To your hopes and conquering your fears,
To handling whatever life has given you,
And holding on when everything around you seems dim,
Life is more than cheesy sayings,
Or pointless words,
It is about encouraging another,
Being the support someone needs,
Showing the Creator’s love to each person,
And to hold their hand as they discover,
The love that is truer than anything in our world,
By pointing joy,
The true peace,
The true happiness,
Lies not in ourselves but Him,
He has given us everything,
And we squander it away,
Not only in our life,
But the chances we are given,
And the road that we have been put on,
All we could get is blessings,
But we rather try it our own way,
And then deal with the difficulties,
That come with not following Him,
Life is more than just these moments,
Than this time we spend here,
It is about what we leave to others,
And how we help another,
And how we spread joy and love,
To each corner of our world,
It is making good of the blessings,
That have been given to us,
And living life to the fullest,
To the very extent that we can,
And having wisdom and maturity,
To know the good from the bad,
And realizing that our life is more,
Than just this simple existence in this world,
That no matter what we were given,
Or what life we have been given,
We can be positive,
And lead a life to give to others,
Until our time ends,
Let us remember each other,
And not care about the material things of the world,
Focus on the things that last,
And the people we can touch,
If we just keep believing,
And keep loving,
Until the very end.
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