The Rain Falls

The rain falls onto the land,
Dripping down from the sky above,
As the traffic passes,
And I sit listening to the fan,
And the music going,
And I am thinking about you,
Rain drops remind me of those memories,
Good and bad,
The ones that were strong and crazy,
The ones that struck me in the middle of the night,
The ones that sent me over when you were gone,
I remember the tears that I cried,
The hurt that was in the depth of my heart and soul,
Wondering if I was making the right decision,
Wondering if I was throwing it away for naught,
Wondering how you were going to react,
Wondering how you were going to be after that,
I felt the pressure and the pain,
More than you could ever realize,
I thought I wasn’t enough for you,
But now I see that I meant a lot more than I realized,
And the rain falls down,
Every drop a memory,
Every drop a tear that was shed,
Every drop a reminder of those days,
Every drop also a beautiful memory,
Of those lovely times that we had together,
Even the painful times were worth it,
Because now you are in my life again,
Even when I thought the rain was going to keep going,
And now when I hear the rain fall,
I think instead of the new memories we create now,
The ones where there is more listening instead of arguing,
There is more gentle talk and friendship,
There is more beauty and life,
There is more positive and less negative,
The rain falls down,
And it brings newness and beauty,
Instead of the hurt and pain from before,
And I am grateful now,
That when the rain falls,
I can remember now more good times than bad,
And smile more and cry less,
When I think about you,
The rain is now a positive sign,
Of how it can renew,
How it can make all things new again.
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