Holy Moment

I look into your eyes and see our memories,
I look into your soul and see the beauty that no one else sees,
I look into your heart and know the hurts that have been caused,
I look into who you are and know the difficulties in your life,
But I am here and I will stand by your side,
When you came back into my life,
It was a holy moment,
A moment that couldn’t be explained by words,
Or thoughts,
Or emotions,
You gave me a sense of closure that I wasn’t finding,
Of how I could forgive myself completely of things of the past,
And giving me the courage to let it go,
I look into your eyes as you smile once again,
How I have missed that smile,
I listen to your voice as you laugh,
Laughing at the same time,
I have missed that laugh as you express some joy,
I listen to the joy you seem to have now,
You are not as lost as before,
You have found a way to be better,
And nothing couldn’t make me happier,
When I talk to you it is a holy moment,
Something special every single time,
Simple conversations,
Sometimes intense ones,
But it flows so easily,
Just as it used to before things got in the way,
You might be miles away,
I might only really get to talk to you online,
But every moment I enjoy,
Every moment is holy to me,
The impossible has become possible,
I never thought that this would ever come to being,
We talk as if no time has passed,
Although so many did due to the hurt,
To the pain,
And the stubbornness,
I should have said I was sorry a long time ago,
Even if you wouldn’t have accepted it than,
I should have never gave you anything to hurt you from,
But I am here now and things are even better,
Than they were back then,
We both have changed and grown as people,
I look into your eyes and see our memories,
Both the good and the bad,
But the forgiveness now and the peace,
I look into your soul and still believe in you,
Even more so than before,
I look into your heart knowing the hurts that have been caused,
Some were even by me,
And I know it takes time to heal,
But I am here to help heal those rifts in your heart and soul,
In your dreams and memories,
To give you something to hope for again,
The way that you have every moment,
Since we started talking again,
You gave me the grace that I needed physically,
To know that forgiveness can work in lives,
That when you forgive that there can be a positive result from it,
And not just wishing and waiting for there to be one,
Thank you for giving me this holy moment,
And this holy gift,
The gift that can come from forgiveness,
The gift of a relationship regained,
When you put faith and belief,
That things can truly change.
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