Since That Moment

Since that moment you came into my life,
Since that moment in time that you gave me your heart,
Since that moment you told me that you loved me,
Since that moment where everything else faded,
Because I knew that I found something beautiful,
Something magical,
Something that grows stronger each day,
Every day that we are together,
Nothing in this life could ever truly compare,
To the feeling that I feel when I am with you,
Since that moment we first talked,
Since that moment I saw you,
I knew my life was forever changed,
I knew my life was never going to be the same,
And here I stand in awe of this love,
The love that grows stronger,
No matter the distance,
No matter what is going on in my life,
You are right there by my side,
You are right there forever holding my hand,
You are right there loving me with everything you are,
Since that moment you dedicated that first song,
Since that moment you considered me your girl,
Since that moment you asked me to be yours,
My life has been forever changed,
My life has a complete different meaning,
My life is even more beautiful,
My life is even more special,
Than it ever was before you,
You give me inspiration,
You give me a love everlasting,
You give me a joy that cannot be expressed,
Since that moment you strolled into my life,
Taking me by surprise,
Taking me by the hand,
Holding my heart so easily in the palm of your hand,
You gave me something I never knew could fully be,
A true everlasting infinity love that is stronger,
Stronger than what the world might throw at us,
People might think it is crazy,
People might try to get between us,
But nothing can break this bond,
We were destined to be together,
Because ever since that moment,
That moment you came into my life,
You were mine,
And I was yours,
In this life,
In this time,
In this forever,
For eternity I love you,
For eternity I have loved you,
Because I am so in love with you baby,
Ever since that moment,
You came into my life,
I became yours,
And I will always be yours darling,
Nothing can break this bond we have,
As we are stronger than anything this world,
This world could ever throw at us,
Because we were meant together,
And it started from that moment,
You came into my life.
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