I Would Go Anywhere

I would go anywhere in this world for you,
I would travel to the ends of the world,
Nothing in this life ties me to where I am,
I rather go on a voyage with you,
I don’t want to be away from you,
I want to be there by your side,
I want to travel wherever you are,
I want to be in your arms,
I want to close the distance between us,
Forget all those other barriers,
And just travel along this life with you,
I would go anywhere in this world with you,
Rather it be somewhere in Japan,
Or in South America,
Or in some other country,
I would travel the miles,
I would travel the seas,
I would travel the oceans,
Just to be able to wake up every day,
Just to be able to smile up at you,
Just to be able to hold you tight as I sleep,
To curl into your arms,
To have you be the last thing I see,
And the first thing I see,
To be able to kiss you with the passion,
And the emotion,
And the love that I feel every day,
I would go anywhere in this world for you,
I would travel on any voyage this life takes us,
Just as long as I am with you,
As long as you are the one holding me tight,
The one loving me every day,
The one that keeps my heart singing,
My eyes shining,
The skies blue,
Dreams brighter than gold and diamonds,
Love stronger than the world,
I just want to be home with you my darling,
And home is wherever you are,
So I would go anywhere,
I would travel whatever miles,
Whatever seas,
Whatever oceans,
That we might have to take,
As long as we are together,
Nothing else really matters,
So let us travel my darling,
On this voyage of life,
As long as we are together,
Nothing else matters,
Because we will be the strength,
We will be the emotion,
We will be the love,
That will get us through everything in this life,
And I know I would go anywhere,
Anywhere with you.
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