Loving You More Than I Should

Just wrote this. All my new co on FK's fault I swear :P

From the very moment you came to me
In the game we both played and asked me
Would I be your girl on it,
Would I date you,
Would I be all yours,
I had a feeling my life was changing,
That something was happening,
That this was more than just something
To happen the way it did
Because I started to feel something,
I hadn’t felt in a long time for any guy
That I was with on that game,
I longed to hear your voice,
I longed to actually hold you,
I longed to make all the words real,
I never really showed you,
You probably thought I was just doing
What you do in the circumstance,
But it was more than that,
It was more than just dating on the game to me.
I was loving you more than I should,
I started coming online and hoping
You would be on to help me get away
From the realities that was my life,
The emotional abuse,
The pain and suffering,
The crying that I did silently so many times,
And I knew the moment I talked to you
The world be right as rain again
And sun would be bright at least during the time
We were talking online.
Than my heart broke a thousand pieces
When your real life girlfriend got between us,
And than one thing lead to another
And I broke things off with you in the game,
Thinking it would be the best
So she would not fuss anymore
And I would not have to listen to her,
And than you left and didn’t want to talk to me
And I thought that the tears
Couldn’t come fast enough
And it took me so long to feel any pain
As the world around me also seemed to dark that day,
And I knew than even more
That I was loving you more than I should.
But finally you came back,
You apologized to all of us,
And things seemed to be better
And you even became my co-leader
And than last night I finally told you
All that was in my heart
As I poured out my emotions,
And I felt myself shaking and wondering
And thinking what the heck I was doing,
When I know that you have someone,
But I love you so much honey,
And I know I always will,
And I trust you so much with everything,
Cause I love you more than I should.

Dedicated to Brendan
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