Remember You, Remember Me

Just wrote this not too long ago, thought I would share this here too. This is in reply to a poetry challenge at Paul's writing group he has on yahoo.

Remember you, remember me,
Back when life seemed more like fantasy,
Back when all you worried about was things so small,
Such as will you have good friends or none at all?
Will you remember to bring your lunch,
Or will you be able to pass the spelling test?
Remember you, remember me,
When you were new to the school
And knew no one but saw me?
You stood there right beside me
With your wavy brown hair and blue eyes
That shined into mine,
Asking my name and saying yours,
Starting something I never knew before,
It was the beginning of something I hold dear,
But sometimes it seems lost in the adult world of life
And knowing I haven’t seen you in years.
Remember you, remember me,
Back when I was too young to understand
The emotions and the thoughts I had,
I knew that I cared for you,
But didn’t fully understand the depth,
But I know I did when I had to leave you behind,
As I moved it seemed for the hundredth time.
Remember you, remember me,
Back when I cried soft misery,
Back when I thought the world would not shine
As bright as it did when you were mine,
How we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend
At only twelve,
You were the first guy I had a crush on and loved,
You were the comparison it seemed for years later,
And I remember wishing for you near.
Remember you, remember me,
Back in those days of sunlight and warmth
Of never worrying about anything in the world,
Remember you, remember me,
If you could please,
Because I never want to lose the memory
Even though things have changed
And my life has changed,
And I know that we will never be,
But please my dear
Remember you, remember me,
Back when dreams and hearts never break
And time seemed to go on forever,
And there was no strife,
Because I want to hold that in my heart
As I grow older.
So please remember you, remember me,
Back when life was more like fantasy.

Dedicated to Matt Pomazal
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