My Bright Star

You are a bright star,
Someone special in my life,
Someone who has changed every meaning of love,
That I have ever known,
Someone who squeezes me so close,
That I can hear the beating of your heart,
And I can hear the thoughts in your mind,
I feel the creative pieces of my mind scream out,
Telling me to hold you tight and never let you go,
Saying to me to give us a chance,
So many times in my past,
I thought I had found one that would last,
But than things would happen,
And things would fail,
And my heart was left broken,
And I had to pick up the pieces again,
You are a bright star,
Someone I want to give my whole heart to,
No longer will it be borrowed by someone else,
By someone who doesn’t truly care,
When I think about you,
All I see is a future of love,
Something so simple yet so true,
Something so far away from me but so close,
I want to hold you forever my bright star,
Hold you forever within my heart,
That beats of love so true,
Beats of a love forever,
Beats of a love forever for you.
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