True Love Exists In You

You come to me like a dream,
So real,
So true,
You tell me you have come home,
Come home to my arms,
And my arms alone,
You know me inside and out,
You know the truth inside my soul,
You know when I have moments of just needing someone,
Someone to hold me close and tight,
You seem to be in sync with my thoughts,
Knowing just what to say,
You come to me like a dream,
You are mine,
Mine alone,
You have the key to my heart,
Do you know that you have always?
You have always had the key,
Ever since I met you,
I knew my life was never going to be the same,
You seemed to always know,
You always knew what to say,
You always knew just when,
You always knew me,
You knew me when no one else did,
You knew who I was when I wanted to hide,
You held me when everything fell apart,
You held me when all was lost to the darkness,
You kept me believing,
Believing in the truth,
The truth that true love exists,
It exists,
It exists in you.
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