You Thought

You thought I could not live without you,
You thought that I would stoop so low to say I was desperate,
You thought that I would never stop loving you,
You thought that the actions you have done
Would make me care more than it has,
You thought you could threaten me to submission,
You thought you could spy on me through people we know,
You thought you could make my life worse,
You thought you could ruin my life,
Ruin my faith in love,
Ruin the very things I stood for,
You were a wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Someone that I thought was wonderful,
Someone who looked like a solution to a problem,
Someone who I thought actually cared,
Someone who promised me pretty lies,
Someone who made me take a chance that lead no where,
Someone who made me forget what I promised before I met you,
You thought you could make me believe forever in your lies,
You thought you could keep me by your side,
You thought that no matter what you did to me,
No matter what you did that was wrong,
That I would keep crawling back to you,
That I would crack and come wanting you back,
Well my dear I have news for you,
Yes, once I did love you,
Yes, once I cared for you,
But, the moment I saw you for who you were,
The moment I saw how you scammed other girls the way,
You had scammed me,
I knew that you were not someone I wanted in my life,
I knew that you were not someone I wanted to talk to anymore,
I knew that you were not someone I needed anymore,
I would not be crawling back to you,
You can keep telling yourself and others whatever you wish,
You can keep trying to pretend you aren’t doing
What you did to me to other people,
But I see past the sheep’s clothing,
I see past the pretend dreams you offer,
I see past those things that once blinded me over a year ago,
When my marriage wasn’t well you picked me up,
You decided to give me a whirl,
You used me in so many ways I have lost count,
You thought I could not stop wanting you,
But you are wrong,
You are wrong because now I see the truth,
Now I see everything I couldn’t see before,
Now I know the truth,
I know the lies are just that pretty lies,
Lies you try to tell yourself,
Lies you tell to others,
Make people believe you care,
When you really don’t care at all,
All you want is your needs fulfilled,
You don’t care at what cost,
You thought many things,
But you were wrong,
And now I am gone,
Gone from your life forever.
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