Finding Your Way Home To Him

There is a hush that surrounds you,
Always there in the distance,
If you listen closely you will hear the screams,
Trying to tell you,
That there is something better out there,
That there is someone special waiting for you,
Waiting for the sun to rise,
He calls out to you,
Waiting for you to open up your heart,
Waiting for you to open your mind,
Waiting for you to open yourself,
He is there,
He’s been watching,
He needs you too,
He wants this everlasting love,
But you need to listen,
You need to listen with your heart,
You need to listen to the soft speaking,
You need to listen to the dreams,
You need to listen,
Because he’s waiting,
Waiting for you,
To find your way home,
Your way home to him.
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