Dream For Another Day

Could you ever really see?
Could you ever really know?
Could you ever be?
I have imagined you many times,
Many times in my mind,
It goes across my mind everyday,
It goes across my soul every moment,
It goes across this dream,
This dream of a lifetime of you,
But could you ever really see?
Could you ever really know?
Could you open your heart?
Could you open your ears?
Could you listen to this voice?
Would you ever know?
I have known your heart for a long time,
I have known your soul ever since you could dream,
I have known every breathe,
I have known every beating moment,
I have been so many roles to you,
I have been the lover,
I have been the best friend,
I have been your heartbreak,
I have been your dreams fulfilled,
I have been the person you could count on,
I have been the person who seemed to understand,
I have sat here for many moments,
For many minutes,
For many memories,
For many days,
For many months,
For many years,
I know that I cannot change you,
I know that I could never be yours,
But I will always sit here,
I will always hold you,
I will always dream,
Because you are the one,
The one my heart sings for,
The one my mind wishes for,
I cannot make you open your heart to me,
I cannot make you listen to the words,
We both know that is impossible,
But if impossible could ever be true,
Than why cannot it be true for us?
Why do we have to keep going,
Going on the way we do?
Who truly knows?
Who truly loves you?
Who truly knows your heart?
Could you really see?
Could you really dream?
Could you just let everything disappear?
I've imagined us together many times,
Ever since the first moment,
I still remember,
Remember the way your lips felt,
The way your hands felt around my body,
The way you held me close,
The way everything would just disappear,
I close my eyes,
I let my heart dream on,
I let the dreams go,
And than I open my eyes,
And I remember,
You are not mine to have,
If only I could clone your personality,
If only you could be mine someway,
But that is a dream,
A dream for another day.
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