By Your Side

My heart soars to a high bliss,
My heart feels such everlasting unbridled joy,
Every part of my being felt in elation,
Just thinking of the next time you would be near,
I feel my soul go into ecstasy,
Thinking of the pleasure you bring to me,
The passion you give me,
I feel like I am floating,
I feel the glory of us shine through,
There is a multi level gratification
As you hold me closer in your arms,
You kiss me so deeply,
I feel like giving exaltation to all the gods,
For bringing you into my life,
My heart soars to a high bliss,
My heart feels an everlasting joy,
Every part of me feels high,
As if I am not on this plain anymore,
As if I am in the clouds,
I feel like I am soaring,
Holding you close,
Kissing you deep,
This is everything I have ever wanted,
This is everything I ever needed,
This is everything that I have dreamed of,
This is just everything,
Everything I have wanted,
Everything I needed,
You are my everything baby,
You brought love again,
You brought me hope,
You brought me peace,
The moment you held me in your arms,
My heart soars to a high bliss,
A bliss that will never end,
As long as I am by your side.
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