My Vow To You

Once upon a time I made a vow,
A vow of everlasting love,
But that love changed,
And I was left broken hearted,
And torn apart,
But now that I am with you,
I feel those feelings change,
The bitterness has faded away,
My heart has healed,
My faith in love restored,
And now I stare at the ring,
The one that my mom gave me,
And I have those daydreams,
The daydreams of a wedding,
A wedding between you and me,
Where we will make a vow,
A vow of everlasting love,
One I know that can be kept for good this time,
There is so much in us,
There is so much strength,
So much passion,
So much chemistry,
You make me laugh,
You make me smile,
You give me hope,
You give me the belief in dreams,
Dreams I thought gone so long ago,
But you gave them all back to me,
Once upon a time I made a vow,
Of everlasting love,
I thought it would last forever,
But he was not you,
And you are what my heart really sings to,
You are everything I could have asked for,
You are everything I could ever dream of,
You are so much more,
I am happier than I have ever been,
You make everyday special,
Rather or not we are together physically,
You make me feel important,
And I know someday,
I will make that vow,
That vow of everlasting love,
And it will last,
Because it will be with you.
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