Was It All An Act

Was it all an act?
Those words?
Those actions?
Those days together?
Holding me?
Kissing me?
Making love to me?
Was it all an act?
Was it just a show?
Did you think oh I’ll just break a heart,
I will just try to break a soul,
I will say those words,
Make her believe?
Believe that you cared?
Believe that you wanted me?
Believe that you wanted a future?
Was it all an act?
The way you held me close?
The way you said we had a strong connection?
The way you said you felt something more,
Than you ever felt with anyone else?
Was it all an act?
Was it all a show?
Was it ever reality for you?
But what you don’t know is that
Even if it was an act,
Even if it was a show,
Even if it wasn’t reality to you,
I will find a way to go on,
I will find a way to move on,
I have strength stronger than you know,
My soul is stronger than you know,
My heart is stronger than you know,
I thought that I was the one for you,
And I thought you were the one for me,
But I was wrong,
I was blinded,
By your act,
By your show,
By the fake emotions you showed,
But it doesn’t matter,
It doesn’t matter anymore,
Because I will leave you behind,
I will walk through those doors,
I have found the way,
To keep being strong,
I will find the one,
The one who wants to be with me,
Who will not be afraid,
To show me how much he cares,
So go ahead and be with her,
The one that controls everything you do,
Because I see now it was just an act,
It was just a show,
And I was just another bump in your road,
But what you didn’t count on,
What you couldn’t see,
Is that there is no way you can break me,
So goodbye to you,
Goodbye for good,
I can let you go now,
I can move on,
Because I deserve happiness,
I deserve love,
And I will find that bliss,
And I will move on,
And I will see my dreams come true,
And I won’t even think of you.
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