Don't Look For Me

Don’t look for me,
You lost that chance,
You lost the ability when I found out,
You lost the ability to be even my friend,
You played me like a well known player,
You played me making me think,
Making me believe in things,
But the joke is on you now,
I am no longer there,
Don’t look for me,
You won’t find me,
When everyone else leaves you behind,
You will be alone,
And you will not have me,
I would have done many things,
I would have loved you until the end,
But you don’t even deserve my trust,
You don’t even deserve my love,
You don’t even deserve any tears I want to cry,
You don’t deserve anything,
Because you are just a player,
You don’t know what real love is,
You don’t know what it is to really care,
You don’t know how to be faithful,
You don’t know how to be honest,
You just keep on lying,
You just keep on going,
But I won’t believe it anymore,
Don’t look for me,
You won’t find me,
When everyone else deserts you,
And you realize what you have lost,
You won’t find me anymore,
You won’t see me hurting,
You won’t see me crying,
You won’t see me longing for you,
You won’t see me wishing for you,
You won’t see anything,
I am just going to be a memory,
And you will not even exist in my life,
You will just cease to exist,
You won’t be anything to me anymore,
I won’t care about you,
I won’t love you,
I won’t miss you,
I will not take you back,
Even if you begged and pleaded,
I am gone,
You will not find me,
So don’t come looking,
Don’t come trying
Because I am gone,
I am gone from you.
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