Our First Moments

When you came to me that first night,
I felt we weren’t strangers at all,
Because when I set my eyes on you,
And finally got to see you face to face,
And my eyes took on the full sight of you,
I felt that feeling,
That special bond that you feel,
When you find your soul mate,
Before I knew it I was touching your skin,
And you touch the depth of my soul within a moment,
And than you gave me a kiss,
And than I knew even more that I found the one,
You held me,
You gave me a hug,
And every single touch lite my soul on fire,
When you came to me that first night,
I felt I wasn’t looking at someone I didn’t know,
I felt like I was at someone I love without words,
Without needing to say a thing,
Your kiss told me how much I meant to you,
Your hold told me how much you wanted to be with me,
I felt the magic between us that moment,
And the moments that followed,
I knew that I was yours,
And you are mine,
Even before we came to meet,
That fateful first night,
I knew from the first moment,
The first conversation,
The first time I listened to our song,
The one you dedicated to me,
That this is meant to be,
And it’s meant to last,
When you came to me that first night,
I felt I was looking at my dream,
My dream come true,
My soul mate,
My eternity,
My forever love always.
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