Eleven Years Ago

Eleven years ago,
My world fell down for a period of time,
I was told you were gone,
I wonder now if you were alive,
What would you go through in life?
Would you have had a girlfriend?
Would you have had a wife by now?
Would you have had children?
Would you be working at a job you loved?
Or hated?
Would you have gone to college?
Would you have seen that you were cared for?
Would you see that perhaps it all was a dream?
That the pain you felt would go away?
That things would get better?
That if you knew how much people cared,
You would leave things the way you did?
Eleven years ago,
My world fell down for a period of time,
I had to tell my best friend you were gone,
I was told that I just had to be wrong,
I had to do everything to hold it in,
The tears and pain,
Until I uttered those words,
My best friend now was there holding me tight,
Knowing that I was just given the worse news that night,
And now I wonder if you were alive,
What would you have gone through in life?
Would you have found love?
Would you have seen more than you might have than?
Would you see if you kept holding on,
Things would have gotten better?
Elven years ago,
My whole life changed,
And today it seems to hit me a ton of bricks,
I believe that I am the way I am,
That I keep going,
That I keep being strong,
That I keep believing in love,
No matter what I go through,
No matter what might happen,
I keep on going,
Because I live now for you,
I live my life,
I live hoping for love,
I live because you cannot anymore,
You are not here,
You cannot find out what might have happened,
You cannot know what might have been,
So I keep going,
Knowing I cannot give up,
Because you gave up,
And now you are not here,
And I miss you,
And I love you even now,
And you give me the strength,
When everything else seems wrong,
To keep on going,
To find that someone,
To find belief,
To find hope,
I will keep going,
Because I am strong for us both.
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