I Cannot Keep Going This Way

I cannot keep going this way,
I must let go,
I must let it fade away,
My heart isn’t in it,
It’s found another,
It’s found another way,
I know that you care about me,
But I cannot stand here anymore,
I cannot stand alone,
I need that love I feel,
Whenever I think of him,
Don’t blame it on the distance,
Don’t blame it on anything else,
I justneed to follow this path,
I must feel the sun and not the rain,
There is nothing here,
It has faded away,
I do not feel anything,
I cannot lie anymore,
If you hate me after this,
I will understand,
But my path isn’t with you,
I need to move on,
I need to find him,
Please know I am sorry,
Please know it isn’t that I don’t care,
But it has gotten cold here,
We never even talk anymore,
So let us part from this,
Because I cannot keep going this way,
I have to let it go,
I must let it fade away,
My heart isn’t in it,
It felt lost from you,
I have found another,
But no true looking
While your life kept you from me,
It’s too late now,
I cannot bring back the emotions,
Not when my heart is gone,
Not when there is no emotions,
No missing,
No longing,
No anything,
I cannot keep going this way,
It isn’t fair to either of us,
Please understand,
I am in love,
But not with you anymore,
I am sorry dear,
I didn’t want to hurt you,
But it’s faded away,
And it isn’t coming back
No it isn’t coming back no more.
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