Now That I Have You

Now that I have you in my life,
Now that I have this love,
I can let it all go,
I can let the hurt go,
I can lay it to rest,
I can do more than just bury the past,
It will just vanish,
Now that you are here,
I feel no more pain from the past,
I feel no more hurt from the past,
I feel no more sorrow,
I do not even think about those times,
Because ever since you came into my life,
Ever since you entered,
You swept me away,
Took away all the hurt,
Took away all the pain,
Took away all the sorrow,
You brought me back light,
You brought me back hope,
You brought me back dreams,
Now I am able to fully let go,
More so than I ever been able to before,
Because you are in my life,
You have given me the strength,
You have given me the hope,
You have given me everything,
I couldn’t seem to find on my own,
And because of you,
I am able to let go,
Let go of all the pain,
Let go of all the hurt,
Let go of all the past,
Let go of all the chains,
And let myself succumb to you,
And let myself love you,
And let myself find the happiness,
I have now that I have you.
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