I Crave You

I crave you more than I could crave air,
I crave the way your touch will feel against my skin,
I crave to have you near me where I can feel you,
I crave to have you near me so I can kiss you,
I crave you my darling,
Your skin feels like satin against mine,
Your skin feels like warmth of the sun against me,
As you hold me closer,
As you kiss me deeper,
I feel the passion stirring within us both,
I feel the sexual tension rise,
I feel you grow with just my touch,
I feel your breath become deeper,
I can feel that you crave me too,
The wait has been enough,
I don’t want to wait anymore,
The distance is driving me crazy,
I must have you now,
I cannot be away any longer,
I cannot stand it anymore,
I must find a way,
I must find a way to you,
Because you are all I crave,
You are all I want,
You are all I need,
I crave to feel you against me,
I crave to have you kiss me deeply,
I crave to have you rise my passion with yours,
I crave for that completeness,
Your skin feels like a warm blanket around me,
Bringing me in to your every curve,
Bringing me in,
Bringing me higher,
Bringing me deeper,
My breath deepens too,
All I want is a release,
All I want is you,
Come home to me darling,
Close this distance now,
I need you in my life,
I need to have this craving,
I need you,
Because you are all I crave,
I crave you more than anything,
There are no words I would speak,
As I watch you hold me into your arms,
As I watch your skin and mine melt into one,
I crave you darling,
I crave your being,
I crave us being together,
Together as one.
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