Don't Just Browse

Don’t go through life,
Don’t go through those moments,
Just browsing,
Just passing by,
Sometimes you got to take those moments,
Sometimes you got to be bold,
Sometimes you got to just believe,
Don’t just think that life is about those things,
Just living day to day,
You can make a difference,
Even through those small ways,
Even by just a smile,
Or a small conversation,
It might just be what someone needed,
After a long hard day,
So don’t just go through life,
Don’t just go through those moments,
Don’t just browse,
Don’t just keep passing by,
There are great things out there,
There are great things to be achieved,
There are great things to be accomplished,
There are people out there that could use you,
Could use just a smile,
Could use just a conversation,
Could use a message of faith and hope,
Could use good moments,
To help them get through,
So don’t just keep on browsing,
Don’t let life go through that way,
You just never know,
What life can bring you,
Although life can bring hard times,
Sad times too,
There is so much beauty,
So much wonder,
So many good things,
So many great people you can meet,
But you got to take that step,
Got to put yourself out there,
Don’t just keep browsing,
Don’t just let life go on by,
Because you just never know,
What things can bring you,
If you just take that chance,
And not let things just pass you by.
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