After The Rain

After the rain has fallen,
After all the hardships are washed away,
After all the hurt is gone,
After all the pain leaves,
There is beauty to be seen,
There is joy to behold,
There is love abound,
There are struggles all around,
There are times that are tough,
Things that are rough,
Moments where you want to give up,
But just keep on going,
Let the rain help you wash it away,
Wash away all the hurt,
All the pain,
All the strife,
All the moments of unblessed,
The moments that were filled with unhappiness,
Remember life is worth it,
Remember because He loved us,
He paid that sacrifice,
Poured out His blood,
Poured out His love,
So remember through it all,
Even those moments,
That everything seems against you,
Everything seems to be going against you,
Just remember that He’s always there,
He’s there for you,
Just keep praying,
Just keep believing,
There are trials,
There are tribulations,
There are times,
Than if you also have love,
Love from someone who cares about you,
Than no matter what happens,
No matter what is going on,
Just let the rain fall,
Just remember that after the rain,
After that fall,
That there is only one way,
And that is up,
Up and up,
To better and bigger things,
So let the rain fall,
Let that time come,
Let yourself heal,
And then after falling down,
After falling to your knees,
Falling to your knees to pray,
Get back up,
Believe again,
And know that light comes,
Comes from the grey,
To bring joy and love,
To bring peace and hope,
As long as you keep believing.
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