There is so much beauty in the world,
So much beauty around us,
Sometimes we get caught up,
Caught up in things that shouldn’t matter,
We don’t see the small things,
All the small things that really matter,
Should we always keep going,
Keep going on what seems to pass for beauty,
For things that should be sought after,
Instead of things that really do matter?
What has this world come to?
Where have we forgotten?
Forgotten all the truly wonderful beautiful things
That is all around us every day,
We put so much time,
So much effort,
So much wasted energy,
Although doing certain things is good for us,
We get so caught up,
Caught up in those things,
We need to remember,
We need to see,
That there is so much we seem to have forgotten,
So let us take a moment,
Let us stop our busy life,
And look a bit deeper,
Look deeper in what’s around,
Remember what has been brought to our lives,
Remember what He has given us,
Remember that beauty is found,
In not waist sizes,
But in how someone treats others,
How that person could be there,
Love other people,
Care about other people,
And look deeper than just them,
Beauty is that person,
The person who believes,
Believes in truth,
In love,
In faith,
In happiness,
In things that are deeper than skin,
And things on the outside,
So let’s take that moment,
Let’s take that time,
Let’s stop for a moment,
And remember,
Remember the beauty we have forgotten,
The simple things in life,
Things that bring smiles,
The beauty that is around us,
In the very depth of our souls.
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